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77 photos that reveal Candy in several delicious situations.  There is Chinese food, a big selection of fried foods, Wienerschnitzel, and even some photos at a Red Lobster.  There are some nudes on the futon while Candy patiently takes a few photos while waiting to eat some amazing fried southern food.  Then there are some photos that show her digging in.

121 photos of SSBBW Candy Godiva in a "better late than never" update!  Finally, new photos emerge after a very busy few weeks.  In this set of photos, there are some pics of Candy visiting the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas.  That was fun, she even got a spanking because she didn't finish all her french fries.  There are some photos of Candy out and about after that, and then she ends up at the Buffet @ Asia, this awesome all you can eat buffet that includes sushi.  There are a few more candid photos of Candy out and about, with her visiting an office building in a few photos that she doesn't seem very excited about.  There are a few more photos of Candy out in a parking lot waiting for a ride, and then Candy is at home having a Wing Stop feast.  A few more photos emerge of Candy back at the all you can eat buffet, for another round!  After that, Candy is comfortably nude at home, eating a huge Taco Bell feast.  After that set, there are more comfortably nude photos of Candy enjoying a feast from Domino's pizza.  Candy is dressed for the next feast at home, Burger King.  Candy gets nude again for a big feast of what looks like french fries, a couple of big sandwiches, and some cheese sticks.  After the food is finished, there are a few photos of Candy just posing nude on the futon, and then this update comes to an end.
ssbbw out and aboutssbbw gets wing stopssbbw about to get all you can eat
                          sushi!ssbbw gets all you can eat sushissbbw gets burger king
138 images that show SSBBW Candy Godiva in a few different situations.  The first few pics show her out and about in natural daylight.  The next set of images shows her in the nude eating a cherry pie with milk and whipped cream.  After that, there are some pics of Candy on the floor eating some Indian food.  When the food is finished, Candy's top comes off and she does a few standing poses.  Next, Candy has an Italian feast in the nude, and after that food is finished she does some poses on the futon.  In the next set of images, she is having a Jack In The Box feast while clothed.  When that food is finished she poses on the futon in a bra and pants.
SSBBW Candy Godiva outsidessbbw candy standingssbbw candy jack in the box feastssbbw jack in the box feastssbbw jack in the box feast
184 photos in a better late than never summer update!
Candy out and aboutCandy has a big burger and fries!Candy has a Thai feastdonuts!food delivery!
In this set of 96 photos, SSBBW (super size big beautiful woman) Candy Godiva gets into a few different tasty food items.  First, Candy is in the kitchen in just a few candid kitchen photos.  Then, Candy is all set with one of those huge lasagna dishes and some Texas toast to go with it.  Candy finishes off at least half of that big lasagna and a few photos show her stretching out afterwards.  Next, Candy has some L & L Hawaiian Barbecue.    I can just guess what she's having because it's always the same thing from over there.  The Kalua pork plate and the BBQ mix plate.  Both come with delicious macaroni salad and some teriyaki sauce that is amazing.  Candy takes off her top after eating for a while, and then when the food is finished, she lays down on the futon and she doesn't have the strength to object to a few photos.  The last food pics were taken while a video was being created, and it shows Candy with some Korean noodles that she mixed up in a big bowl.  I think it's called pho and she enjoyed it so much that she can't wait to have it again.
ssbbw candy godiva going to town on some
                          lasagnassbbw candy godiva is getting into a huge
                          tray of lasagnassbbw candy godiva getting into some l
                          & l hawaiian bbqssbbw candy is knocked out after a huge
                          feastssbbw candy godiva having some pho
100 photos that feature SSBBW Candy Godiva doing some poses and doing some eating.  It is not easy to do the standing poses, and she doesn't do it very often, but here is one time when she felt like she could get up and stand for at least as long as just a few pics were taken.  She was still out of breath after though.  This update starts out with some candid photos taken in the kitchen, and then there are only a few photos taken while Candy was out on a rare occasion.  The next set of pics pic up with Candy eating some Thai Original BBQ while she is fully dressed.  The gown starts to come up though, and Candy is able to stand for a few fully nude pics.  The next set start out with Candy nude again, sitting on the futon about to enjoy a feast from Jack In The Box.  Candy has a few big burgers, some curly fries, and a large chocolate shake.  She gets totally stuffed, and then stretches out on the futon for a few pics before taking a long nap.
ssbbw candy godiva getting into some
                          meatloafssbbw relaxing after a big mealssbbw able to stand for just a few
                          photosssbbw has some burgers and friesssbbw has some burgers and fries
149 photos of SSBBW Candy Godiva that cover 5 different photo shoots at different times.  The first several photos show Candy enjoying some KFC fried chicken, a few of the chicken sandwiches in the Georgia gold variety, coleslaw, mashed potatoes with gravy, biscuits, and a few cookies for dessert.  Candy goes through all that food wearing some jeans and a bra, so this must have also been filmed for clips4sale.  Nowadays, clips4sale videos are nude, just to avoid confusion.  The next set of photos start out with Candy wearing a bra and panty set and she is standing for some poses before sitting down on the futon for a few more poses.  Candy puts on a red dress that matches the bra and panty set, and then she sits down to have one of her favorite meals from the Golden China restaurant that she orders from regularly.  There is the "house chicken" which she calls salt and pepper chicken.  There is some chicken chow mien, egg rolls, spam musubi, pot stickers with sauce, and of course boba tea.  Candy finishes off the food, and the tea, and a final photo from that set shows just how satisfied she is with her decision that time!  There are fewer photos in the next set, with Candy fully clothed ready to get into some McDonald's.  There were a few big mac sandwiches along with fries, and plenty of extra ketchup.  After the food is gone, Candy poses for a few topless photos because even though that shoot was for youtube, she took the shirt off and the still camera was still handy.  In the fourth set of photos, Candy is straight up nude, and she is having a supreme pizza, barbecue wings, and "monkey bread" dessert from Papa John's.  Candy is nude for these pics so this was a video shoot for clips4sale.  That's easy to keep track of!  At the end of that set of pics, Candy stretches out and gets ready for a nap!  In the next set of photos, Candy is clothed, and she is having Papa John's AGAIN!  It's easy to confuse the two as the same shoot, but again, clothed is for youtube and nude is for clips4sale!  Candy is having another supreme pizza, and some more barbecue wings, and this time she has extra barbecue sauce and extra peppers that they always put with the pizza.  They gave up a lot of peppers!  That's five sets of photos, a few are small sets because Candy was impatient to get into the food.  A few other sets are larger, because Candy could take a few bites in between shooting the video!
ssbbw candy has some kfcssbbw candy godiva loves some kfcssbbw candy in bra and panties on the
                          futonssbbw candy having her regular chinese
                          feastssbbw candy has some papa john's!
67 photos that feature the sexy SSBBW Candy Godiva in a few different situations.  First, Candy leaves the apartment!  There is some lab work that has to be done, so she takes her power chair for a spin to the local lab place.  Next, Candy orders some smothered fries that have bacon, cheese, and a delicious sauce, along with corn dogs and cheesecake for dessert.  The last few images show Candy enjoying a meal that she has had again in a video on you tube.  There is chicken Alfredo and huge chicken tenders.  There is also a dessert, but you can only see it in the box it came in.
SSBBW Candy Godiva goes out of the
                          apartment!SSBBW Candy Godiva eats in the nude
                          sometimes.ssbbw candy godiva has some italian foodssbbw candy godiva has italian foodssbbw candy has italian food
94 images that feature SSBBW Candy Godiva in a few different situations.  First, there are a few pics of Candy preparing and serving a meal of cabbage, bacon, and black eyed peas.  It was so very delicious!  In the next few pics, Candy is enjoying some authentic Cuban food from a local place.  She's nude and she's hungry and now she's trying something new.  Last but not least, Candy enjoys a big pizza and some boneless wings while wearing a sexy bra and panty set.  After some standing pics this update comes to a close.
nude ssbbw candy godiva has some cuban
                          foodnude ssbbw candy godiva gets some cuban
                          foodssbbw candy godiva grabbing her big
                          bellyssbbw candy godiva side viewssbbw candy godiva has some pizza
In this set of 94 images, SSBBW Candy Godiva is having 2 different meals.  In the first set of photos, Candy is enjoying a gyro sandwich and a pizza with the same toppings as the sandwich.  There is also a large order of french fries, and some cheesecake for dessert.  Candy digs right in, and then fills right up, for some close up big belly photos and some photos that just show Candy laying back on the futon relaxing after such a large meal.  The second set of photos included in this one update start out with Candy doing some standing poses while wearing a white bra and g-string.  After she's sitting down, the Jack in the Box breakfast sandwiches come out and of course there is iced coffee.
ssbbw candy godiva having gyro sandwich
                          and pizzassbbw candy godiva on the futon eating
                          dessertssbbw candy godiva rubs her big belly
                          because it's so fullssbbw candy godiva has some jack in the
                          box breakfast sandwichesssbbw candy godiva getting into some jack
                          in the box breakfast with iced coffee
In this set of 64 images, SSBBW Candy Godiva is having some Italian food.  There are 2 big sub sandwiches, one is meatball and one is Italian sausage.  There is also a huge order of french fries with plenty of ketchup.  There is a soft drink at the ready and Candy is about to finish off all this delicious food in this update.
nude ssbbw candy godiva getting ready for
                          an Italian feastnude ssbbw candy godiva having an Italian
                          feastssbbw candy has an Italian feastnude ssbbw candy godiva having an Italian
                          feastnude ssbbw candy godiva having an Italian
                          feast, side view.
This set of 102 photos includes some images that show Candy enjoying a McDonald's Big Mac box, which includes 2 Big Mac sandwiches, 2 small french fries, and 20 chicken nuggets.  Of course there is sauce with those chicken nuggets, and Candy goes for sweet and sour on this occasion.  After Candy wipes out that big box of food, there are some nude poses on the futon before the next set of images within this update starts.  Candy puts on a bra and a thong and then she does some standing poses before eating some Filipino food from Max's.  Candy gets some sweet spaghetti, some sweet potato fries, and of course a whole deep fried chicken!  After Candy finishes off all that food, she strips out of the bra and does some more photos on the futon.
ssbbw candy godiva has a big mac attack!ssbbw candy gets all the mcdonald'sssbbw candy with mcdonald's big boxssbbw candy godiva standingssbbw candy gets some Filipino food
This set of 87 images starts out with SSBBW Candy Godiva posing on the futon and then doing some poses standing before her food arrives.  Once the food gets there, it's time to eat!  In the photos Candy has ordered Chinese food with the boba tea that she just can't resist getting, along with 2 complete lunch entrees!  After Candy is finished eating she poses for some more photo and plays with her big belly before this update comes to an end.
ssbbw candy can't wait for that chinese
                          foodsuper size candy side viewssbbw candy's food is here!time to dig in!it's so good!
61 photos showing SSBBW Candy Godiva going to town on some Italian food.  Well, it's Americanized Italian food, with pizza, spaghetti, and lasagna.  There is a salad on the side in the earliest photos, but that item did not make it to the clip because it was put aside for later.  Candy knew that this was a lot of food to do in one clip so she was not playing around with salad!  There is garlic bread, and a little extra butter too, just in case.  She didn't pass on the chance to get a soda as well.  This was a lot of food, and some photos are taken over the course of Candy enjoying this feast, and then there are a few more pics taken after Candy has finished up and she is totally full.
SSBBW Candy about to have a big Italian
                          feastSSBBW Candy Godiva on the futon side
                          viewSSBBW Candy with the big bellySSBBW Candy Godiva getting a big biteSSBBW Candy Godiva just about filled up
This set of 97 images shows SSBBW Candy out and about at a place called Buffet @ Asia.  Candy loads up on several plates worth of seafood and dessert and she is shown at her table and also walking around the buffet area grabbing whatever draws her interest.  There are several photos, Candy is out and she is "all natural" meaning she didn't have make up on because she was stopping at the buffet on the way home from a stay at the hospital.  She is ok now, but one of her already round calves decided to swell up and she had to take care of that.  The next set of images shows a very nude Candy having one of her favorite meals from a place called L & L Hawaiian Barbecue.  She just loves the loco moco and when she finishes that off, she stands up for some poses and then she lays across the futon and she is captured with that big belly squishing out from under her.
SSBBW Candy Godiva at buffet @ asia, a
                          very popular all you can eat buffet with
                          sushissbbw candy gets her dessert ready from a
                          buffetssbbw candy godiva gets nude and also
                          gets loco moco, from a hawaiian bbq place she
                          lovesssbbw candy godiva loves some hawaiian
                          bbq from L & Lnude ssbbw candy godiva loves meat!
67 photos that show Candy having 2 different feasts.  In the first set of images within this update, Candy is wearing a white tank top without a bra and she is eating what she calls "southern comfort food."  That's smothered pork chops, collard greens, southern baked pork and beans, and a cup of macaroni and cheese on the side with a dinner roll.  Candy sure does end up making a mess across the front of that tank top as she eats all that delicious food and stuffs her belly to maximum capacity.  In the next several images, Candy has the opportunity to create the first set of images that show her eating Wienerschnitzel.  Yep, that's chili cheese hot dogs, french fries, and burgers, all with the same smothered treatment that the pork chop got from the other photos, but instead of pork chops, it's hot dogs, fries, and burgers, and instead of being smothered with gravy like the pork chop, all those items are smothered in a chili that Candy really likes the taste of, with a cheese sauce that you can't go wrong with.  Candy said that enjoying that food was worth the wait of finally getting her hands on it, and she would probably eat it again, but maybe not for a photo shoot, but just for the sheer enjoyment of eating it. in both sets of images there are a few nice close up shots of Candy's big belly, which is always good.
SSBBW Candy Godiva having some southern
                          comfort foodSSBBW Candy Godiva having some comfort
                          food in a tank top with no braSSBBW Candy Godiva has a pork chop in her
                          pantiesSSBBW Candy Godiva has some
                          Wienerschnitzel for the very first time!SSBBW Candy Godiva digging in to some of
                          that Wienerschnitzel chili cheese everything!
In this set of 79 images, Candy starts out sitting with some items that were sent for her birthday, and she starts out doing innocent photos and ends up stripping down and eating chocolate.  The next images show Candy getting to enjoy a big sandwich and a big pizza from Domino's.  After eating all of that, Candy relaxes on the futon laying across it for the last remaining photos in this set.
ssbbw candy godiva eats chocolatesssbbw candy godiva stretches her big
                          armsssbbw candy godiva has some domino's
                          pizza and a sub toossbbw candy godiva getting into that
                          pizza!ssbbw candy godiva lays down to relax
                          after a huge meal
This set of 73 images starts out with Candy having a visit to Joe's Crab Shack to have some endless crab and get covered in crab boil!  The first serving is a big bucket and then there are smaller half servings coming one after another until Candy can't eat another bite.  It took a while for Candy to finish eating all she could because she started out in the daytime and left at night.  The next set of images in this update show Candy at the local Red Lobster.  Candy was really getting out a lot over the course of the couple of weeks that these photos were taken. While there were endless crabs at Joe's, the Red Lobster had endless shrimp in several different preparations, and they were all amazing.  After the Red Lobster photos, Candy is in the nude eating some fried chicken with barbecue ribs, french fries, some french bread, and coleslaw.  Over the course of the last photos in this update Candy gets really messy as she eats all those ribs, and gets sauce all over her hands and her big belly.  After all that eating is finished Candy is at her computer probably looking up the next food item that she wants to try out.
SSBBW Candy Godiva at Joe's with endless
                          crabssbbw candy godiva gets all you can eat
                          crab at joe's crab shackssbbw candy godiva has endless shrimp at
                          red lobsternude ssbbw candy godiva has bbq and fried
                          chickennude ssbbw candy godiva gets messy with
64 photos in this update, including photos from two different occasions.  First, there is a Chinese food plate being prepared and then eaten while Candy is wearing some crazy multicolored socks.  There are a few photos showing off those sexy big arms up in the air, and then a couple of photos of Candy laying across the futon once the socks have come off.  The next set shows Candy enjoying some fast food from Checkers, a burger place that is a rare treat because it's too far away to normally go for some fast food.  There are just a couple of photos showing Candy out at a local DMV getting her ID.  She's pretty nervous in those pics and really wasn't in the mood for photos but it shows her on a super sized errand.
SSBBW Candy Godiva lifts one of her big
                          thighsSSBBW Candy Godiva has Chinese foodSSBBW Candy Godiva lifts those sexy big
                          armsSSBBW Candy Godiva with some dessertSSBBW Candy Godiva with a milkshake
44 photos in this set that include SSBBW Candy Godiva having a custom made large pizza and fresh baked brownies from Pizza Hut.  Candy also poses standing, and there are also some topless seated shots that Candy posed for after the pizza was long gone.
SSBBW Candy Godiva standingSSBBW Candy Godiva about to have some
                          pizza and browniesSSBBW Candy Godiva gets more comfortable
                          to eat pizza without worrying about messing
                          her dress upSSBBW Candy Godiva is digging in to that
                          delicious pizzaSSBBW Candy Godiva finished the food off
                          and poses for a few pics topless
65 images that show SSBBW Candy visiting a popular and very good all you can eat buffet, and then another set of images that show Candy preparing one of her favorite ice cream combinations.  While at the buffet, Candy gets several plates of delicious sushi, Chinese food, and then dessert in proportions that are average to her but a bit large for the average person.  The photos show how excited and happy Candy is to be around all that delicious food, going back for seconds and then thirds, and then not being able to eat a single bite more.  The photos that feature Candy preparing her favorite ice cream show her carefully pouring salted caramel, picking out maraschino cherries, and then smiling behind a heaping bowl of some delicious dessert food that Candy likes to enjoy every once in a while.  This set is 65 images rather than having more, because it would be nice to update more regularly with more up to date and current events, like this outing.
SSBBW Candy Godiva pigs out at a local
                          all you can eat buffet with sushissbbw candy godiva gets all she can eat
                          at a sushi and Chinese food buffetssbbw candy godiva gets to make a big ice
                          cream dessertssbbw candy godiva is excited about
                          having a delicious ice cream dessertssbbw candy godiva squeezes that big
79 photos that start out catching up with a few left out of the last update, taking around that time.  There are only a few of those though, and then Candy is enjoying a shrimp po-boy sandwich with hush puppies, potato salad, and coleslaw.  Candy is standing for a few poses for the next part of this series of images, right before she starts eating some fried catfish with one of her all time favorite sides, macaroni and cheese from Granny's Kitchen.  The last few shots feature Candy on her computer, relaxing after a good stuffing, ready to take a nap.
ssbbw candy godiva with a chip that came
                          with her shrimp po-boy sandwichssbbw candy godiva swollen full after a
                          big southern meallook at those big arms! ssbbw candy
                          godiva has her arms in the airssbbw candy godiva standing for a few
                          poses in this updatessbbw candy godiva having a fried catfish
                          meal with extra extra macaroni and cheese!
105 photos in this delayed update, catching up with a few different documented meals that Candy has enjoyed every delicious bite of.  I don't usually make excuses, but this time there was a lot going on last month that held me up, literally.  My most major surgery to date, a brand new shiny bionic hip joint to replace the one that nature fucked up.  In this update, Candy starts out nude just hanging out for a few pics, and then, suddenly, there is poutine from Smoke's Poutinerie.  That guy put his face on every carton of poutine so you know he stands behind that product.  Candy poses for a few pics in between eating every bite of that poutine.  Two varieties too, the classic version and then a smoked meat version.  Both were excellent.  The next set shows Candy going to town on this big cheese steak sandwich.  It is so big, and it came with fries, and Candy does finish it off as difficult as that was.  The next few images shows Candy in a bright red dress, and she is about to enjoy a pizza from 7-11.  I know one would not think that a gas station pizza could be very good, but this one is, and Candy attempts to finish off the whole thing.  There is just so much bread though!  Maybe next time.  The last images in this update show Candy enjoying some KFC.  Candy went with original recipe and she did the "family fill up", which included a big bucket of chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, and of course the coleslaw, one of her favorite sides from this place.
ssbbw candy godiva getting some poutinessbbw candy godiva on the futonssbbw candy godiva getting that cheese
                          steakssbbw candy godiva standing in a red
                          dressssbbw candy getting that kfc
This set of 68 images shows Candy enjoying 2 different meals.  One is L&L Hawaiian BBQ and the other is a burger and fries from another place at another time.
nude ssbbw candy godivanude ssbbw with hawaiian bbqnude ssbbw with burger and friesnude ssbbw candy godivanude ssbbw candy godiva
95 photos that include Candy having some of her favorite salt and pepper wings with an orange chicken lunch special as well.  The very first photo was some beautiful bacon that Candy was cooking, but after that there is the Chinese food.  After those pics, there are a few that feature Candy standing up and showing a few different views of her super sized body.  Candy takes a seat, and then there are photos showing the progress of Candy finishing off the chicken, along with egg roll and spam musubi.  A few more photos show Candy stretching out nude on the futon after eating, and then there are more photos of another delicious dinner of seasoned fries, mini burgers (that weren't as small as White Castle), and some chicken tenders that featured big whole chunks of breast meat.  There are a few more photos of Candy stretching out after eating that amazing food, and that brings the update to a close.
Nude SSBBW Candy Godiva about to get into
                          some serious Chinese foodSSBBW Candy Godiva stretches out after a
                          big mealssbbw candy godiva digging into some
                          chinese foodssbbw candy godiva grabs that big bellyssbbw candy godiva has some burgers,
                          seasoned fries, and chicken tenders
75 photos that start out with Candy nude on the futon, waiting for the Jack in the Box meal/snack that is coming up in the same photo set.  Candy really loves the combination of burger, fries, and a shake, and this time she gets exactly that from one of her favorite fast food places.  The second half of this update shows Candy digging in to some Mexican food, with a big wet burrito, some enchiladas, and re-fried beans and Spanish rice on the side.  When Candy finishes that meal, she pushes the food out of the way and stretches out on the futon for some shots in her bra & panties.
nude SSBBW Candy Godiva stretches out
                          before a big mealnude SSBBW Candy Godiva has some Jack in
                          the BoxNude SSBBW Candy Godiva finishes off her
                          shakeSSBBW Candy Godiva about to have some
                          serious Mexican food.SSBBW Candy Godiva taking a break from
                          eating Mexican food
82 photos that include a few different food adventures Candy has had just before the start of April.  There is the Hawaiian pizza with the big meatball sub that Candy at wearing a gown that ended up being worn more like a bra.  There are a few pics that show Candy laying on her side on the futon, with her big belly hanging right off the edge.  There are some nudes that show Candy having one of her very favorite dishes of all time from Golden China, the salt and pepper wings.  There is the spam musubi, dumplings, and egg rolls on the side, with the much needed boba tea as well.  The duck sauce is used to dip the egg rolls for each bite, and the dumplings come with a sauce she would not want to eat the dumplings without.  Candy does a few poses on the futon after eating all the wings, and another photo update comes to an end.  This one was just a bit late but we'll try to pick up the pace for the next one.
ssbbw candy godiva has one of the best
                          fudge brownies everssbbw candy godiva's big belly hangs off
                          the side of the couchnude ssbbw candy godiva has some chinese
                          food with boba teamide ssbbw candy godiva having spam
                          musubi with wasabinude ssbbw candy godiva side view big
84 images that show SSBBW Candy starting out with some Thai BBQ, the barbecue chicken and the curry are so awesome that this is a meal which has been photographed and videotaped over and over again.  The next series of images shows Candy enjoying some southern food, with a few smothered pork chops, macaroni and cheese, chicken tenders, and french fries.  I guess the most southern thing about this meal was the pork chops, and they were so saturated in gravy that the breading was literally falling off the chops as Candy would pick them up.  The place she got this stuff from was called Granny's Kitchen and it isn't the first time this SSBBW has ordered from them.  It probably won't be the last either!
nude SSBBW Candy Godiva getting some Thai
                          BBQnude ssbbw candy godiva digging in to
                          some thai bbqamazing view of some big ssbbw belly
                          nudessbbw candy godiva has some Granny's
                          Kitchenssbbw candy godiva goes topless for some
                          granny's kitchen
107 photos that feature SSBBW Candy Godiva fulfilling her most decadent cravings.  First, she is digging in to some Jack in the Box with a combo meal that includes curly seasoned fries and a chocolate milkshake.  Candy went ahead and tried out a few breakfast sandwiches to enhance her combo experience, since they sell them all day here.  The second half of this update show Candy having a gyro sandwich and a pizza that is made with the same toppings and flavor profile as the sandwich.  Candy has a piece of cheesecake along with fries and a soda with this big meal.  At the very end there are a few topless photos, and in the future there will have to be more!
SSBBW Candy Godiva has a big belly!SSBBW Candy Godiva has some Jack in the
                          BoxSSBBW Candy Godiva enjoying a big burgerSSBBW Candy Godiva with some gyro pizza
                          and sandwich. yes, bothSSBBW Candy Godiva bites into that gyro
New video clip that is 17:34 length, 720 by 480 resolution, and 3878kbps total bitrate.  In this clip Candy is having some taco bell, and she didn't put any clothes on at all.  Candy tried out breakfast from the place she calls "taco belly" and there was a crunch wrap, a breakfast taco, some hash browns, and of course some kind of ice coffee drink.  Watch this SSBBW eat Taco Bell in the nude in this latest update.
nude ssbbw candy godiva has some taco
                          bell for breakfastnude ssbbw candy godiva has taco bell for
                          breakfastnude ssbbw candy godiva has taco bell for
                          breakfastnude ssbbw candy godiva has taco bell for
96 photos that include some candid kitchen shots, where Candy is frying up some stuff.  There are some photos that show Candy going to town on some McDonald's breakfast items, she always enjoys that stuff.  Candy lays back for some nude pics before eating some stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut in the nude.  After the pizza shots, there are some sexy standing pics.  A few pics got slipped in of Candy taking a break in the powder room, and then she's back wearing a bra and panties to eat some Hawaiian food.  There were so many different delicious foods in this update that just looking over the pics will make Candy hungry all over again!
nude ssbbw candy godiva chillin with an
                          ice coffee drinknude ssbbw candy godiva has some stuffed
                          crust pizzanude ssbbw standing, big belly hangingssbbw candy godiva has some hawaiian
                          foodside view ssbbw candy godiva
76 photos featuring SSBBW Candy Godiva show her trying out some Vietnamese food from a local place that is called Mr. Sandwich.  Candy is able to sample 2 sandwiches and 2 other dishes. One of the sandwiches is listed as the Vietnamese house special sandwich, or banh mi dac biet. The other is listed as a charbroiled sandwich, or banh mi thit heo nuong. One dish Candy wanted to try was the rare steak and fatty brisket noodle soup, or pho tai, nam. The other dish was grilled shrimp, bbq pork, with egg roll, or bun thit nuong, cha gio. Candy's reaction to each and every one of these dishes was "so good." There wasn't very much talking once she starts eating, because she loved this stuff so much. The noodles, shrimp, pieces of pork, and even the bread impressed Candy because she could tell it was fresh. When Candy finishes off the 2 sandwiches and 2 dishes, she says "I think I hurt myself" because she is so bloated and full. The only thing Candy would change in the future would be to order the house special sandwich with no jalapenos, but even with them, this was worth every bite to experience an exotic food from another region of the world. When the food is finished, Candy spends a few moments rubbing, squeezing, jiggling, and slapping her full, swollen, big belly.  I'm really lucky to get some standing shots in this update too, but there is already more stuff coming soon.
SSBBW Candy just had some Vietnamese food
                          and she's stuffedSSBBW Candy Godiva with Vietnamese food,
                          from the food around the world seriesSSBBW Candy getting down with some
                          Vietnamese foodSSBBW Candy at her limit of face stuffing
                          with Vietnamese foodnude SSBBW Candy Godiva laying back after
                          seriously stuffing
This set of 90 pics shows Candy having a strawberry cheesecake for dessert, and she is also sampling some of KFC's new Nashville hot chicken.  There are some sexy standing and bending shots, and then she gets deep into some Taco Bell, or as she likes to call it, taco belly.  There are a few candid shots at the end of this update, with Candy watching "always sunny in PA."
SSBBW Candy Godiva pouring strawberry
                          sauce on her cheesecakeSSBBW Candy Godiva gets to try KFC's
                          Nashville hot chickenSSBBW Candy Godiva getting some Taco
                          BellSSBBW Candy Godiva watches Always Sunny
                          in PhiladelphiaSSBBW Candy gets more Taco Bell
50 photos that show Candy getting ready to have some Chinese food in the nude.  There are also a couple of candid photos towards the end of the update that shows how she likes her spaghetti.  This SSBBW stands up in some of the photos on this update.
SSBBW Candy Godiva sitting nudeSSBBW Candy Godiva nude on the futonSSBBW Candy Godiva topless with chinese
                          foodtopless SSBBW Candy Godiva getting into
                          some noodlestopless ssbbw candy godiva
74 photos that show SSBBW Candy Godiva enjoying some food from the Hawaiian BBQ place that she loves so much, and then there is some McDonald's, with a Big Mac and some of those delicious chicken nuggets, along with plenty of sweet and sour sauce.
SSBBW Candy Godiva about to get some
                          Hawaiian BBQSSBBW Candy Godiva about to get some
                          Hawaiian BBQSSBBW Candy Godiva laying on her side
                          with that big bellySSBBW Candy Godiva about to get some
                          McDonald'sSSBBW Candy Godiva tore up some
99 photos that show Candy having some Jack in the Box breakfast.

74 photos that show just how much Candy enjoys a McRib when it's available.  There are just a few in these photos, and Candy helped herself to a few more, and a few more, during the "limited time only" run on the pork patty bbq sandwich.  There are a few standing photos, and some more that show Candy laid back and relaxing after eating a really filling combination of McRibs, fries, a milkshake, and a soda (ginger ale) as well
SSBBW Candy Godiva standing with those
                          big arms up in the airSSBBW Candy Godiva about to get some
                          McRib with sidesSSBBW Candy Godiva gets into a McRib with
                          fries, a shake, and a ginger aleSSBBW Candy Godiva puts down the ketchup
                          on some fries with her McRib waitingSSBBW Candy Godiva bites down on a big
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